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Hong Kong Sea Village resort

The idea of Hong Kong ​​Sea Village Resort is a project of tourist village on the beach combining models of high-tech marine aquaculture such as lobster, abalone and green crab in Hong Kong bay. With an area of ​​50 hectares with 100 floating villas, the area of ​​each 100-300 m2 is arranged into the shape Singapore can see from the plane.

Invest in Hong Kong Sea Village you are not only living in a resort class Dubai but also be free to do business travel services for international visitors such as rent accommodation with profit hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and many other services motor racing, windsurfing, paragliding ....

Even better, your home is permanently owned. Not limited to 99 years. It's double the size of an apartment but it's twice as cheap. And you can make money from your home, no need to go to work anymore. In addition to doing business in resort services, you can also engage in lobster, abalone and premium seafood business with high economic value, providing sustainable income most compared to other real estate investment models.

Invest in Hong Kong Sea Village, you will have the privilege to become shareholders of the project and share profits, dividends every year. With an initial investment of only $ 300K, the best return on investment of up to 12% - 36% per year is an excellent investment opportunity that you can not find in any project. other.

If you are depressed with the life in the crowded city. The investment in Hong Kong Sea Village will bring you a new life, fresh, relax in harmony with nature as in a luxury resort. And life is financially free with many great sources of income that do not need to worry about money economy. This is a smart investment opportunity for smart investors.

Sea Village ... Your villa

enjoy the wonderful life

Sea Farm Villa

Area of 500 - 1000 m2 / farm
Investment 300K - 600K USD / farm
Earn profits from seafood and travel
up to billions every year

Feeding high value sea food

With state-of-the-art hi-tech processes on your farm



With high economic value
over 100 usd/ kg



Easy to raise, raising time
1-3 months of harvest
High value from 30 - 60 usd / kg



Taste wonderful
attractive value
from 40 to 80 usd / kg

Singapore Sea Village

more biger house... more happy life

Attractive profit

With many business models, high-level services

Attractive profit from travel business

   Your villa with many rooms can be used to exploit tourist services for visitors such as rental rooms, canoe rental, paragliding, diving view coral. The privilege of freedom of doing business is only available at the Sea Villa project. You can be in control of all your property services from operating to commissioning or business commissioning. Business income from tourism services is very attractive, average room rental rates from 500k to 1 million per night. Profits from a villa Sea Villa can bring income from $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 per month.

Attractive profit from high quality seafood

   Your house can also be used to cultivate a variety of high-end seafood such as lobster, abalone, green crabs, snails with high economic value. With temperate climate, located in Singapore bay, less wind. This is the ideal environment for high quality seafood. Imagine when your family comes to Sea Villa Resort to enjoy and enjoy seafood by the farmer is nothing more than excellent, without having to go far to buy, seafood swimming right under your feet, it is great. Just pick it up at home. Can bring as a gift to relatives
   Sea Village assists the customer to manage the aquaculture by a team of professional engineers while applying the high technology. Especially market introduction for consumer consumption. Profits from aquaculture are very attractive. The profit is stable from 50,000 to 100,000 usd per year


Investor VIP Silver

Investment limit: 500,000 USD

Silver Investor benefits

# Get a VIP Villa Silver 200 m2
+ 100m2 seafood farm
+ Dividend yield is 12% / year

Attractive gifts
Massage chair ~ 5000 $


Investor  VIP GOLD

Investment limit: 1M usd

Gold Investors Benefits

# Get a VIP Villa Gold 400 m2
+ 400m2 seafood farm
+ Dividend yield of 18% / year

Attractive gifts
+ Full furniture ~ $ 25.000
+ Jet Ski Moto ~ $ 12000


Investor  VIP Platium

Investment limit: 1.5M usd

Platinum Investor Benefits

# Get 1 Villa Platin 600 m2
+ Seafood farm 1000m2
+ Dividend yield is 24% / year

Attractive gifts
+ Full furniture ~ $ 50.000 
+ 8 seats yacht~ $ 300.000 

The project will starting in April - 2019

Registration for the investment

Hotline +1 860 4988788

After the seminar is the exchange party
Buffet BBQ Seafood Hotpot Shrimp, French Oysters


Calendar of the seminar in 10 Jan 2019

Seminar from 16h -18h , buffet from 18h - 21h

Singapore Sea Village party